YSR Photo in Karnataka Elections – Congress Party

YSR Photo in Karnataka Elections

The Congress party is not giving up the possibilities they have in Karnataka. The Congress is doing all the effort to impress Telugu people especially in the demographic context. The campaign is emerging that the Bharatiya Janata Party is done unfair to Andha Pradesh. The Congress has been stated that they have not voted for the BJP party in Karnataka because they have done injustice to the Andhra Pradesh State.

The Congress party is doing this campaign in Bengaluru and 4, 5 districts in AP borders. The number of Telugu people in theses districts are more. In this reason, the Congress party is doing its best to change the situation to thier side. The Congress had good command in this Border area. Before the partition of the state, How much command that the Congress party has in the region of Rayalaseema, that much command is there in Kolar, Chik Balapur, Tumakuru and Bangalore City in Karnataka as well.

All these districts are from Telugu origin. The Congress party is also using YSR Sentiments in these areas. In the ares of Baghpalli, Chikkalpapur and Chintamani, the Congress uses YSR Photo in its Flexi and Pamphlets. Using Rajasekhara Reddy Picture they are asking votes. The Congress party is trying to gain some votes by involving YSR’s in this region, which is the kind of political atmosphere and the caste system.