U Turn Telugu Movie Review – Samantha U Turn Movie Rating, Story, Reviews

U Turn Telugu Movie Review

U Turn Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE: Suspense Thriller
Movie Rating: 2.75/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Samantha, Bhumika Chawla, Aadhi Pinisetty & Others
Release date: 13th September 2018
Director: Pawan Kumar
Producer: Srinivasaa Chitturi and Rambabu Bandaru
Cinematographer: Niketh Bommi
Banners: Srinivasaa Silver Screen and VY Combines
Music: Poorna Chandra Tejaswi

U Turn Telugu Movie Review

U Turn is a Kannada Hit Movie, which is remaked in Telugu and Tamil by Pawan Kumar. In that Movie Samantha Akkineni is doing Lead Role. After the Success of “Lucia” Movie, pawan is doing his third film “U Turn”.

In the Kannada version, the flyover played an important role and, as the illegal U Turn took many people lives in the city of Bengaluru, it connected well with the public of Karnataka.

Samantha’s first ever movie as the heroine oriented movie ‘U Turn’. The film is based on the success of the same name in Kannada. Let’s look at this movie thriller.

U Turn Telugu Movie Story:

Rachana (Samantha) works as a journalist in a magazine. She likes Rahul (Rahul Ravindran) who works in the same office. He is interested in her. The piece collects details of the diversion on a flyover as part of his career and collects the details of the violation of the traffic regulation .. They want to make a story on them. However, a person who has come up with such details suddenly dies. Police will begin to investigate this writing. In this order they will be awesome things. It is revealed that all the details collected are lost. And all of them are natural deaths, or murders .. There are things that have to do with the writing.

U Turn Telugu Movie Analysis:

A super natural thriller associated with the ‘U turn’ message. Super Natural is the logic of the word. Using this advantage, director Pawan Kumar turns ‘U Turn’ into an interesting thriller. Pawan Kumar made his first directorial debut with Lucia. The story that is new to the story .. Interesting to be somewhere in the story .. the story with the story .. The main character’s performance .. The main attractions of ‘U Turn’. To deal with the suspense factor in thriller films. Pawan Kumar was successful in these two issues. ‘You turn’ does not disappoint lovers of thriller films.

Introducing the characters and unrelenting scenes with some of the scenes .. Directed by director Pawan Kumar directly from the beginning of the story, Even though the story takes a while to wake up, the first turn out of the story starts with the thrill. Scenes are anticipated by the viewer’s imagination. The reporter, the storyteller who has gathered details for his story, has revealed that all of the dead are going from there and then will follow the thrill audience what will happen next. The narrative is going to be a good flow from Samantha to the police station. With the slightest speed in the second half, the director succeeded in watching the suspense and not getting wet.

It is a super natural movie that has never been said before, so do not care about the logic. In some places, however, the director seems to have taken too much liberty. The horror turn in the end of the thriller film may not make the audience more comfortable. And the average length is slightly higher compared to the average thriller. Some unnecessary scenes slow down in the narrative story. The romantic track bore breaks down even if it’s caught in less scenes. The preliminary climax story is missing in the story. The previous intensive did not appear here. If all these disadvantages are on the side .. Those who love the new movie thriller films will like to ‘U turn’. It is doubtful that this will reach the majority of the audience beyond the audience.


Samantha has revealed her specialty in ‘U Turn’. She became a plus to the star power film. Samantha is a new movie with this new movie. Look .. Body Language .. Performance is a bit different from Samantha. There is no doubt that this is a particular film in her career. Adi Pinnesetti is easily seen in the role of the police. He was given a sincere performance. In the role of Adi, an intensity appears in acting. Rahul Ravindran is scoped to scalp but as good as he did. The theme has shown its seal in very few scenes. The other actors are okay.

Technical Aspects

‘You turn’ is technically a special film. Poornachandra Tejaswi background music .. Niket Bommi Reddy is the cinematographer .. Mood for thriller film has played a key role in creating. Production values ​​are good enough for the film. Director Pawan Kumar showed his grip on Thriller Zoner. In addition to the story, the novelty shows the screenplay. This is the story of the director’s cinema. But if he thinks about the end of the case, it would seem nice.

Finally: U Turn .. will thrill