The Singer Chinmayi Became Serious on Interview

The Singer Chinmayi Became Serious on Interview

All the the celebrities are not same. If we think,They are Cinema People we speak anything also they will take it in Cinematic way; then that is not true. Film Industry is ideal for gossips, in that industry few people will take lite about gossips. A few others are more sensitive about little gossip also. They will Repeatedly Talk about it and they will feel bad about those. That’s why first know about the people then we have to talk.

These are fine, why we are discussing about it now. Because recently one celebrity got hurt. She is none other that Famous Singer Chinmayi and wife of Rahul Ravindran who is the actor cum director of hit movie ‘Chilasau’.

Chinmayi, known as the Good Singer in National Wide, has interviewed fans on Twitter. On this occasion, Someone asked, Has ever you hit Rahul Ravindran? Question “. Chinmayi Replied, “I don’t Have any work, so i will hit him daily”. What is this question?.

Husband Rahul Ravindran tweeted back like this “Chimnayi is a Kind of Girl, who can not afford violence in words also”.

So, this is the reason, while speaking with others we have to speak with manners whether is is a celebrity or Common Person.