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Taxiwala Review

Taxiwala ReviewMovie Rating: 3/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair, Madhu Nandan, Vishnu, Ravi Varma, Sizzu, Yamuna, Ravi Prakash, Kalyani, Kireti, Udyase, Chamak Chandra & others
Release date: 17th November 2018
Director: Rahul Sankrityan
Producer: Julius Eskesen
Cinematographer: Sujit Sarang
Music: Jeks Bijoy

Taxiwala Movie Review

After blockbuster like ‘Geeta Govindam’, Vijay Devarakonda was struck with ‘Nota’. Vijay has come to the audience with the movie ‘Taxiwala’ in this month. The film has to be released in the summer and it was released today due to the inevitable reasons. This is a thriller film made by new director Rahul Sankrityan.

Taxiwala Story:

Shiva (Vijay Devarakonda) completes his degree in difficulty in five years and arrives in Hyderabad for a job. He has a variety of jobs and wants to be a cab driver who thinks they are better than them. There is only an old car in front of the boots for less money. The cab service starts and ends with Shiva. It is very close to Shiva. But there are unexpected developments in the car a few days later. Vijay finds that there is a demon. That is the supposedly cataclysm .. it’s related to the car .. What did Siva do to get out of this assassination?

Story Analysis:

Horror thriller .. never out but junior. But in the last decade ‘horror thriller’, ‘thriller’ removes and added ‘comedy’ with a lot of excitement. In a single format, a series of films have been taken up and made by the public eye. The horror comedy is about to be bobbed down. The young director Rahul Sankrityan at the same time .. New Writer Sai Kumar Reddy came out of the Gener.. not to go to the story and stick to the story of ‘Taxiwala’. He tried to give a fresh feel to the audience by trying to put a super scientific element in a slightly scientific way. That is not a complete movie. In the horror comedy, a sample of comedy, rather than a over comedy, is a good entertainer. There is no scary comedy … but it stays as good as the ‘Taxiwala’. It’s a film that is we can go for ride.

The trailer is in the car. A man enters the spirit car .. It is not a new pointer to the car’s liking. In Hollywood this is the background of the film. Dora also dubbed a movie with the same story. It is natural to say that there is nothing new in ‘Taxiwala’ in the background of the fact that the story of the devil is in the car. Someone comes to the soul of a man to take revenge on those who killed him .. We think that the story is going to be a routine. But the story of ‘Taxiwala’ is the same but the discus on which a new point is missing from the viewer’s view. The concept of ‘Astral Projection’ is thrilling to the audience. What is logic? What is it like conniving? It’s new though. Curiosity increases in the audience.

But the reality is that it is the biggest attraction for ‘Taxiwala’. Sualwheel comedy in the mainstream, especially the audience. Vijay has said that Priyadarshini in ‘Pelli Choopulu’ .. ‘Rahul Ramakrishna’ in ‘Arjun Readdy’ as like them the new comedian from ‘Taxiwala’ on the lines. Vishnu, a new young boy, is very casual and has fun. Madhunandan also accompanied him. In addition to their comedy, Vijay One Liners also suffered. Rahul Ramakrishna has done a lot of fun in the real life without any setup. The romantic track of the hero heroines will keep the song even part of the song. The car-supposed concept is also well established. Interval is impressive. Overall in the first half, ‘Taxiwala’ wins the mind.

But when it comes to telling the original story through flashbacks in the horror cinemas, That’s what happened in ‘Taxiwala’. The director took the time to tell the non-stop point to the Astral Projection Logic. It’s a little bit interesting but it’s not believable. It’s a little stretching over. Vijay does not appear along with the half an hour .. The second time is very serious and the ‘gauge’ gets reduced. In the villain’s house, the hero is entertaining up to the bang to the bang, but the rest of the story runs slowly. Pre Climax .. Climax is not as expected. Feeling missed something. If you look out of the theaters, you will get a good ride if you come out of the theaters. It’s fun to ride once.


Vijay Devarakonda once again gained momentum. ‘Arjun Reddy’ after ‘Geeta Govindham’ .. He was easy to play in the ‘normal’ role. After some time, the image of Vijay is going to sideline. We see him as a taxi driver. Styling is too much like being a modern man but it is the body language .. Vijay perfectly in terms of performance. With natural acting, Vijay was very happy with his style of dialogue delivery. Heroine Priyanka Jawalakar is looking to look like a queue. The scope of this scene is not provided by her performance in acting. In the second half she had no chance. Malavika Nair has a small role in the screen time, but her role is crucial. In the supporting role of hero, Madhavanandan and the new boy Vishnu appealed. The comedy credit in the film is basically weird. Chamak Chandra laughs for a while. In the role of the villain, Sizz feels okay. Ravi Varma .. Yamuna .. Ravi Prakash .. Kalyani .. Enteze is the smallest of the characters.

Technical Aspects:

The role of technicians in the film like ‘Taxiwala’ is crucial. Technicians all have good support for the film. Jake Bijoy’s background music .. The songs are strong for movies. In the song ‘listening to the word ..’ specifically stands out. Everything else is quite a bit of music. Sujith Sarang is a big asset for cinematography. He impressed with the perfect lighting themes for this Genre movie. Editing .. Art Work is also impressive. Production values ​​are compatible with movies. Director Rahul Sankrityan.. Author Saikumar Reddy has shown their work. The screenplay feels interesting. Words are coming in context. Rahul Horror conceded that he could deal well with thrillers. He is the director of this generation. The point of the game was new but could not be said as convincing in the film. But in the cultivation of the cavalier comedy, his work is to deal with the key scenes of the story.

Final Words: Taxiwala.. you can Ride Once