Sudheer Babu Shocking Comments on Media

Sudheer Babu Comments on Media

From past few days all the big heroes are against to media, but now its time for Sudheer Babu. May be he taught all the big heroes are commenting why I shouldn’t. May be that is the reason he commented badly about one website on twitter. Moreover he does not even know that he shouldn’t use that word.

Moreover that media also didn’t written any bad. When Sudheer Babu asks Chiranjeevi Garu to act on Love Story, That website has commented like the age also should support and also we don’t have any old age love story movies as like Bollywood.

Sudheer Babu was criticised the website that i didn’t expected more than this from that website and he used the bad word comment. Sudhir Babu is not in the account of the right hit after the Prema Katha Chitram. And that might be the reason for this anger. Or everyone commenting about media, why shouldn’t he.

But yesterday, almost all the media praised his teaser was good, but he didn’t recalled it. If he say thanks for it, he is deserve to comment on bad.