Story Behind Sai Dharam Tej “Chitralahari” Movie Title

Story Behind Sai Dharam Tej "Chitralahari" Movie Title

In Film Industry Ups and Downs are Common. Sai Dharam Tej also faced with the repeated flops of his Films. This time he is receiving comments on his looks also. That is the reason he took break and went to America. The mega hero is trying to focus on his fitness in this break and again to switch a slim avatar. After returning to India, his will be participating in his next film ‘Chitralahari’ regular shooting.

Kishore Tirumala is directing the film and the film is being produced by Maitrey movie makers banner. A fresh update of this movie came out. It has already been reported that the film is a key to the story of Bar & Restaurant titled Chitralahri. In addition, the ‘Chitralahari’ title also has heroines. That’s is Tej will be romance with two heroines in this movie. The name of the one heroine is Chitra and another is Lahari. This is the adroitness of Kishore Thirumala.

On the other hand, the film is finalized one Heroine Niveda Thomas. She has not yet confirmed which role is playing in the movie, but now they are in the process of choosing a second heroine. Rumours are also roaming that movie will be based on the father and son sentiment like “Vijetha Movie”. Whatever we have to wait until movie release.