Why More Security In Ramanaidu Studio?

In Tollywood, Shri Reddy, who has led the key turns in the media, is now starting a direct fight? Police intelligence sources suspect this. Will Shri Reddy go to the Ramanaidu studio with women’s organizations? Police sources have reported that a director’s office will be heading to Dharna. So Police Department arranged a huge bandhobath at the Ramanaidu studio.

Security In Ramanaidu Studio

Police have been deployed in a considerable number of cases. Shri Reddy stands out to know that the TV channels are aware of it and got stuck. None of the channels have now stopped calling Sride Reddy for the discussions. The Discussions and Fight leads to the Fight Between Tollywood Industry and Media, and eventually settled with low dealings.

Now it looks like Shri Reddy is all over. May be she wants to once again come into the lime light? May be Media may not call for Discussion, what if darna has done? So again there is Chance of Shri Reddy in Channels.