Savyasachi Review 2018 – Savyasachi Movie Rating, Review, Story

Savyasachi Review

Savyasachi ReviewBOTTOM LINE: New Story
Movie Rating: 2.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Naga Chaitanya, Nidhi Agarwal, Maadhavan, Bhoomika Chawala, Ravu Ramesh & others
Release date: 2nd November 2018
Director: Chandu Mondeti
Producer: Ravi Shankar, Naveen, Mohan
Cinematographer: Yuvaraj
Music: MM Keeravani

Chandu Mondeti, the young director of Kartikeya, has been specializing in his first film. After that he has done well with the remake of ‘Premam’ and now he has come up with his own story with ‘Savyasachi’ acted by Naga Chaitanya. The film is released with a different story line and expectations in the audience with interesting promos. Let’s see whether the ‘Savyasachi’ has reached expectations or not.

Savyasachi Story:

Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) is a boy born with a crazy characteristic feature. His left hand does not listen to him. The twin brother who has to born with him, born as his left hand. That hand has separate seances and thoughts. Vikram is often suffering from this hand. He hates it. Like this, Vikram will fell in love with his junior in college. Vikram, who has separated from her for unexpected reasons. He will meets her again after six years. He will get back to her again. In the course of doing so, the big brawl in his life starts. His Brother in Law died in an accident and he is hospitalized. His niece will disappear. Vikram is aware that behind it there is an unknown person. Who is that guy .. how did Vikram face him? How did he save his niece .. How did his left hand cooperate with it? That is the Story

Story Analysis:

The left hand of the hero does not listen to him. That’s another man. Its idea is different. Its behavior is different. This is a concept that seems to be the most exaggeration to hear. The concept of convince is impressive by introducing this concept in the beginning of ‘Savyasachi’. And how about the director’s story around this innovative idea to see how the scenes are very interesting. But the curiosity at the earliest will not be related to the next run. Unique in ‘Savyasachi’ .. The most interesting thing about the point of the hour is that we forget completely. An average love story puts the key point for the story. This is the feeling of what it means to choose this point. The viewers were put in the suspension till the end of the Story. The screenplay does not go on the floors .. The middle of the road is gone wherever you go .. ‘Savyasachi’ where the brakes are falling. Concept .. Hero-villain characters are good .. There are some lightning out there .. But overall Savyasachi do not have as the audience is expecting.

Savyasachi Movie Online

Let’s look at an example of how the screen play has become an obstacle. In the second half, the hero-villain is running mid-mind game. The hero is threatened by villain. He throws a bigger challenge. The scene is just a bit serious and intensely intrigued .. How does the hero get that challenge .. How to handle the band? Soon the hero goes into the flashback. There is a comedy drama in college days. Then the mood of the movie is different. This episode is different. Mood in thriller movies is crucial to carrying the thrill. But here the director surprised the mood of this kept the comedy track .. the song. It does not mean that the reason for ‘relief’ is in the middle. This caused the film to be flown. That does not mean that there is no comedy in the drama .. That song does not mean it will not. But the problem with the timing they come.

In the first half is almost the same. The film is interestingly started .. A Routine Love Story .. comedy tracks with ‘Savyasachi’ The concept we initially saw is not related to the next acting. The left hand is mentioned in one of two scenes but the rest of the content seems to be a normal movie. Love Story, which normally meets a lot of interest. The interval is going through the role of villain, but the story does not have to happen again. Interval is impressive. In the second half, the hero-villain Mind game is not so exhausting. Speed ​​break breaks the drama episode. Pre Climax .. Climax .. ‘Savyasachi’ is the best parts. The role of the villain reveals a lot of suspense. The hero’s left hand was also highlighted in the final episodes. The last half an hour of lightning .. turns .. The ‘Savyasachi’ range was different. N’s Playing Not a Pleasure .. Some of the episodes of desperation have taken the film apart. Chandu appeared in the first film ‘Kartikeya’ and the boy missed it. For the concept of the hero-villain, you can see the ‘Kartikeya’ once. But there is no cinema if you have the expectations on this concept.


Naga Chaitanya is particularly remarkable in his career. His character is simple until the first half. He was impressed with the scenes that showed intensity in this role. The look of the screen .. the screen premises are good. Madhavan showed his specialty. Madhavan, who made his first full-length negative career in his career, brought him a wait. This character has become a freak. But we are hoping that his role as Madhavan level is still good. Heroine Nidhi Aggarwal is just okay. Though she is beautiful, She do not have that much role of Acting in Movie. There is no specialty in Her role. Bhoomika is also a normal character. Her acting is okay. Vennela Kishore .. Spatagiri Made Smile. The rest are normal.

Technical Aspects:

Keeravani music is okay. Savyasachi Theme Song .. Only one .. Why Not songs are good. Songs Making is also impressive. In First Half background music is normal but in Second Half it is Good. Keeravani was trying to elevate the key scenes with the background score. Yuvraj photography is good. Production values ​​Also Good. The film is all about rich. When the director Chandu Murthy comes in, his story is good. It’s new. But the hero left hand did not listen to him that Unique point of the movie has not used that much. As a director he showed lightning there. The main characters are well decorated. But the story of the new story is not written on the interesting screen.

Finally: Savyasachi.. The concept is good but not presented well..!