Sarkar Review 2018 – Sarkar Movie Review, Ratings, Story Analysis

Sarkar Review

Sarkar Review
Movie Rating: 2.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Vijay, Keerthi Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Radhavarai, Pala Karupayya, Yogi Babu & others
Release date: 6th November 2018
Director: Murugadas
Producer: Vallabaneni Ashok
Cinematographer: Girish Gangadharan
Music: AR Rahman

Vijay is Big Mass Hero in Tamil Industry. He has earned a little craze in Telugu also after many attempts. The film ‘Sarkar’ was directed by Murugadas, who is well known for Telugu films. The two films that were previously included in the film ‘Tupaki’. ‘Kathi’ has been a huge success and the expectations of Sarkar are huge. Let’s see if the film is to come up this day as Diwali gift or Not.

Sarkar Movie Story

Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) is the CEO of the number one corporate company in the world. He comes from America to use the right to vote in elections in his home state. But here it seems that someone else has voted his vote. He then comes to justice. The court will judge without upcoming election results in his constituency until Sunder voted again. Then the whole election will be canceled as more and more people have a legal battle with their vote. This makes the ruling party angry. When the party leaders are entering the Sundar, he will come to contest with the Chief Minister. He will then fill his candidates in all constituencies. Sundar has won this fight or Not? That is the Story

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Sarkar Story Analysis

All the stories from Tamil are not universal. Nativity is a big problem for some. In particular, in the background of politics, the films revolve around the scenes. Connectivity is a big problem here. If the hero has political goals and wants to get his intentions to the public, the ‘Nativity’ Factor becomes a big problem if you want to increase its political image by the movie. If it is Rajinikanth is the hero of the film is fine for Telugu People, but it is still the Vijay, who is getting a little more support now. This is the main problem with Sarkar.

The story is so strong that Murugadas has also lost his confidence after ‘Spyder’ .. This time the next thing is that .. Vijay has been trying to give him a political mileage to help his fans. In this order, Sarkar remains a simple film. Vijay-Murugadas combination has already come up with ‘Thupaki’ .. ‘Kathi’ movies ‘Sarkar’ is not even close to them. Due to the political situation in Tamil Nadu, the people of Vijay fans are so happy that the people of Sarkar may seem to be good, but it’s a bitter cartridge.

Murugadas, who is usually heroic in his stories, has been beaten with a Spyder. The hero in America .. to come to his place .. to attract the attention of the people through his actions .. The collapse of the politician. In a few days, the political party is getting elected. ‘Sarkar’. Murugadas did not make any attempt to direct the story in the same way as ‘Oke Okkadu’. Larger Than Life is not just one of Murugadas’s heroes, but they are much more convincing. Strong emotions .. Heavy scenes … But they missed in Sarkar. Especially there is a big problem with which there is no logic.

Hero CEO to earn Rs 1800 crore salary per annum Whatever country he’s going to do, he buys the corporate companies there. And then lid them. As he is coming to India, all the corporate houses are working on the palms of the heart. The reason why he did not buy the lid and put the lid up. If he is left, the hero, who is the head of the Thousand Crores, seems to have nothing to do with politics. The people are housed in their houses and given him office. This does not mean logic. The hero who knows what he’s been doing along with his brother is going to fight. Very easy to overthrow the government. Within a few days, the party will give a small meeting in a small area and give speeches to millions. The hero does not seem to be logical.

Vijay is the big hero of Tamilnadu so that they can be okay but they are irritating to ours. The point is that the hero is fighting to win his vote. Most people are connected. Sarkar seems to be some convincing until the rest of the heroes get into the fight with the consciousness of the hero. After all, it’s going to be a pathological. It is very difficult for us to connect with them in the secondary way that Vijay’s political image is intended to increase. After the ‘Mahanati’, Audience Who are Expecting Something From Keerthi Suresh, but it is disappointing again. Action episodes by Ram-Lakshman Masters. Rahman’s background score will get stuck.


Vijay has given the performance to Fans as expectations from a star hero. His style .. Screen Presence will impress. His performance is impressive with crucial scenes for the story. But in some places he seems to be the performance over the top. Vijay was impressed with the dances .. Fight. Nothing to tell about heroine fame Keerthi Suresh. She is the kind of curve. Vijay does not have a villain in the film. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar did not stand before him. She is most likely to be seen with the same type of expression. The Radha Ravi have done well. It is difficult to connect with the Pala Kuppaya. None of the other actors have a significant role.

Technical Aspects

Rahman’s songs are just okay. The songs in the movie are somehow going to do that but in particular there are no songs that seem to be loud enough. Background music is good. Essential scenes were bundled on the scoreboard. Girish Gangadharan’s photography is impressive. Sun Pictures have architectural values. The movie is rich in rich. The director murugadas seems to be a bit new to the point of choosing to start the story but the rest of the story is routine. The gripping screen Play that appeared in the film Murugadas Movies, has missed in ‘Sarkar’. Murugadas was the director of this film.

Finally: Sarkar .. ‘It is Not Our Movie’