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ROBO 2.0 Review

ROBO 2.0 ReviewMovie Rating: 3.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussan & others
Release date: 29th November 2018
Director: Shankar
Producer: Laika
Cinematographer: Nirav Shah
Music: AR Rahman

ROBO 2.0 Movie Review

Superstar Rajinikanth and Shankar’s combo 2.0 which has more hype over visual effects than Craze; has been released on record screens at a record high level. From the beginning there are huge estimates on this. The expectations have been doubled, as the film is a 3D film made entirely of the robot sequel. Shankar movies, which is known to be better in Telugu than in Tamil, 2.0 is also got big release here. Let’s look at the review of the ROBO 2.0 that the audience has brought to the theater with predictions.

ROBO 2.0 Story

In Chennai City suddenly the cell phones begin to disappear on everyone’s hands. The reason is not known to government. The mobile show room owners, Mobile company CEO’s, ministers will be murdered by the invisible power. To solve the mystery Government seeks help form Scientist Vasikaran (Rajinikanth). He gives life to Dismantled Robo Chitti, with the help of his assistant humanoid Robot Vennela (Amy Jackson). With the help of this, it is known that the Pakshi Raju (Akshay Kumar) who was hanged and died in the past. With a clever sketch Chitti will Die and Pakshi Raju enters into Vasikaran Body and will start Crimes. Then comes out 2.0 (Rajanikanth) to stop the destruction. The story follows a fierce battle between the Pakshi Raju and 2.0.

Story Analysis

The first part of the robot is not just such a big hit by graphics. Director Shankar looked around to find out what would happen when there was no direct direction for the technology revolution. Comedy – Love – Romance – Action – Emotions – Sentimental One of the same fills folks and carried it into the magic world for three hours. That’s why the audience expecting more than 2.0 in class. But Shankar has fallen into the visual magic of this time and it seems to be missing these facts. Even though the high-tech talent at the range of such effects will look at all of the effects, somewhat smaller thread will fall into the middle. No matter how much the robot sequel is comparable to that. 2.0 Here’s a bit of disappointing chances.

Graphics are common in the scenes like cell phones all take a break and kill one by one to take off. For the first time, Chitti fights with the Pakshi Raju is in the form of a huge sparrow that feels like to see with out blinking. However, in the promotion, Shankar says that the quality of graphics is not satisfied with the quality of some scenes is true. But it is not possible to repeat the robot magic every time in story mode, so you can do a saloon for Shankar Passion separately. There are a lot of such stories that are based on technology. Having an audience with Hollywood movies, however, it has a lot of limitations on how much you like the Spider-Man. That is not the way our heroes appear in such roles that we are completely cutting them up and making predictions. Hrithik Roshan’s three episodes have been super hit because Rakesh Roshan has made a mark on this fact.

2.0 All kinds of resources have come together to go into the same category, but the recipe has become a bit less salt in the emotion. Setting Amy in the form of Robot instead of Heroine lacks the comedy entertainer of songs that prevent these simple viewers from connecting to the general audience of 2.0. This is not a logic to avoid. All these are in robot and it’s not wrong. The fact that the original eagle is attached to the spirit of the souls of birds is how far removed from logic. Such films should not be searched but the viewer can not think of it. Anyway, Shankar has to say heats off for three years.


Rajinikanth’s image has come out of the frame and doubts about the extent to which Robot agrees to be different from the mass formula. It does not appear to be much different from the character except the expense. At the same time, the hatts off is the smallest thing that can endure such a difficulty. Rajani has done a whole man show of two characters than Vasikaran. It’s not easy to re-imagine the imagination that does not appear around them, imagining the green mat. One sequence does not seem to be the same as the two scenes, but the whole of the film is not the same as the artists. It is very difficult for those like Rajani, who are over 60 years old. Even though it is good to be happy with it. Shankar’s statement that I can not imagine anyone else except Rajani. In some of the original scenes, Rajani’s performance has done really well with such energy or managing the graphics. Rajini Simply  superb as mini-robot from pre-climax 2.0.

The eagle will have to specifically mention Akshay Kumar Villain. Akshay is a hard worker for make-up, making it harder for physically mentally straining, not on videos but on screen. But some scenes seemed to have been made over-the-top because Akshay was very honest with the Expressions. Shankar is convinced that the role of the world is so desperate that it is not desperate. He gave the best performance as an old man who was going for a backpack in the flashback. Actually the star is confident of playing this role. Do not expect glamour from Amy Jackson. She is a robotic character, so the skinny show does not get a chance. Fans are disappointed as half of the dose is not demanding. There is no artist to be remembered in the movie. The robot was named Dany’s son (Sudhanshu Pandey), but due to weakness in the narrative. There is no comedy batch as separate along the lines of robot.

Technical Aspects:

Shankar, who is making a perfect mix of commercial elements by giving the underlying message in his every film, has to say that he has been stalled. The woes of the birds are a good wait for the threat of humanity. But it was a bit okay to give audiences a thrill as they did not have any solution but to retaliate on the side of the bird king. Shankar once again invented the best technician in him. There is no doubt. The top making of the only film in Hollywood cinematic has made his own style on the Indian screen. Bhahubali or Robo also played a vital role in the success of Emotions along with visuals. This means that they feel missed. In the absence of a hospital delivery Seen-Fire Accident episode seen in robot, there is no availability of eczema in the mind of the audience unless the eagle behaves like the eagle. Shankar has a feeling of tempo in the story. It is not surprising that respect for him does not accept some shortcomings but it seems to be 2.0 as the average graphic movie.

Even though Shankar taught direct lessons, it is like walking the horse. Shankar, who has some kind of social message in his movies, has taken a good point. But if there is no block that is emotionally connected, there is something that the Hollywood movie is looking for. The first half of the story did not go beyond the story until it became a minor. The visuals that build the eagle in the invisible form seem to last for a long time. Boldly, there is no strife except a fight between the 2.0-eagle. However, Shankar’s quest to present the graphics at Hollywood level on such a grandiose scale is apparent, but the range was different when the emotions of the first part were mixed in the right pieces.

AR Rahman is all in the background and is in the background score. One of the two songs on the title comes in the title cards so there is nothing to say about it. The second song Akshay Kumar will be a pothole in the flashback and it is not specifically mentioned. So his performance was shown in the entire BCA. Despite the robotic repeat of the main track, it’s a lot of fun to perform in particular the sound set. Nirav Shah’s camera performance is less than what it says. The style of the climax depicting the story. His performance in the climax of the graphics is more realistic than the reality. The fires were extinguished. Antony’s editing is very cold. He did not get frustrated in two and half hours without songs. Leica’s production values ​​seem to be more than six hundred crores but in action episodes it seems little empty.

With the help of a robot sequel, along with the hero, the setup is similar to the 2.0 that the viewers have come up with hype over the audience. 2.0 It is not wrong to want it to be forgotten. In that sense, the theme feeds up to 2.0 Half Meals. But this is an attempt to be appreciated in Indian cinema, which is very limited in terms of technology budget. For the sake of them, this is a disappointment as the 2.0 version is a graded version. A rare effort is required by audiences regardless of the Satisfaction.

Final Words: Brilliant Technology – Weak Emotions