Ram Charan, Upasana about Honour Killing – Reacts to Pranay Murder

Ram Charan Upasana about Honour Killing

People of all sections deny the murder in Miryalguda in the Telugu state. Even film personalities have been furious over Pranay murder case. Recently Mega Power Star Ram Charan and his wife Upasana also responded. Honour Killing in these days is horrible and he said my deepest consolidation to amrutha and his family members.

Not Only in 2 Telugu States, all over the India, Pranay’s murder caused the furious. Discussions on the murder of Pranay Durana are taking place in social media. In this order, Pranay is to be brought to justice … …. amrutha has begun a campaign to prosecute the accused. The campaign launched in Amrita Facebook Twitter with the title ‘Justice for Pranay’ is a huge response to the campaign. “Justice for Pranay” has already got 82 thousand likes in Facebook. Also in Twitter, ‘Justice for Pranay’ is in Trending. Tollywood hero Ram Charan has been supporting the latest ‘Justice for Pranay’.

Manchu Manoj, Ram Charan has been seriously opposed the murder of Pranay. Manchu posted an emotional letter on Twitter. Those who support the caste and religion should be responsible for the fierce attacks on many of them like Pranay and others. Ram Charan also posted in his facebook with very angry.