“Power” Star Failed in all Ways

"Power" Star Failed in all Ways

When Power Star Pawan Kalyan started to split with the Telugu Desam Party and since then has been he is making wrong steps. Everything is soothing. If that comes to reality, In any case Pawan Kalyan Plans are like Only Startups, no continuations.

What decision will he take? When will he left? He only does not know. This is what happening with Jan Sena Party Survival. Not only politics, Pawan’s thoughts also change from time to time. When it changes, the old ones are all over. Decisions taken will be abandoned.

For Example, So many months before He said that he would soon be producing Movie with Ram Charan. Now that matter only disappeared. It’s not a big thing. But it is happening with Politics also. Pawan or Janasena can not afford credits if it continues like this.

In the last few days:

The Committee on the Central Government, or Something concluded. There is something else. That’s it. The elders who had been with him for a few days did not open their lips. It does not matter.

Plenary Meeting was held on the country. Corruption said. Then there was no clue. That’s what someone else says. In addition, he was unable to stand up for criticism and criticism.

Meanwhile, Sreerreddy is coming. I went to the Chamber and nana Ranke. Nana is here. Auntu Busta is a tussle. What is the FIR that he has fallen on? What happened to media companies? What’s the tweak made on Twitter? Everything is fine. Finally, he was not able to hold a stand on Twitter. Nana tweeted for a few days without night and night. Tweets are made in the books, pages and pages. Now it’s not.

Membership said. Missed call is going to be done. But who gave you some missed calls after that? No matter how many people have become serious members.

The plenary would go to the next people. Forgotten. We are going to go back to the people again. But there is no guarantee.

Several times that we will compete in some seats. Abbey did not say that I never did. Now say that he will compete in all the seats. 175 constituencies were not appointed today. There are no constituency committees. There are no district and mandal committees. There are no party presidents. At the state level, there are only a few former people.

Pawan’s attitude is the fact that Janasena is the people of the country and there is no confidence in the political circles. Can be social leaders of the community, may be politicians, political unemployees, and look at the junction two issues. One does not know how it will be. I do not know who to approach it.

The country has not lost hope

Pawan’s tears are not clear. Babu or Chinababu are still sensitive to Pawan. Lakshak Babu is saying that Pawan is still in good mind. There is no reason for this. Pawan Psychology is familiar.

If you want Pawan to change his mind again, ‘Then some powers were moved. Conditions brought in. That’s why I had to say that. Even if the facts are not corrected, it is still a big mistake ‘may change again if the TDP is back in support of it.

It should be noted here that the Telugu Desam Party is not attacking Pawan. On the other hand, Pawan is doing a different role through the party-friendly media. It seems like Psycho is playing the game with Psycho as it does not give up on the occasion.

If Pawan is on the side of social media, what kind of roommates he has done is an attempt to recall how much of the prizes have been made. Because Pawan should get the Telugu Desam Party. But Modi and Pawan are the only people who have won the vote.

What if the two are now and the opposite is over? It is doubtful. Pawan’s own will not be able to win power, but there is some kind of fan following, in the social class, if there is a capability to empower the others to the power shore. That’s why the party is making its efforts.

If Pawan is doing this in such a time, today is yesterday, today if he is leaving tomorrow, who will believe that the party or the nephew? Power in the movies .. Power, it seems like it is failing in politics. It is suspected that Chiranjeevi is more than 10 times better than Pawan’s by 2019.