Pawan Reaction on Dachepalli Incident – Need to Punish in Public

Pawan Reaction on Dachepalli Incident

Janasena’s Power Star Star Kalyan has responded to a massive incident in Thakheepalli in Guntur district. Pawan expressed his opinion on Twitter, expressing deep regret over the murder of a 55-year-old Subbiah on a nine-year-old girl. ‘Whenever I hear from the Kathua to Kanyakumari, the civil society is also facing serious agony.

Today, the incident happened in Guntur district in Thakapalli incident. Helpless. In such a situation, the police administration wants the government to stand up to the unjust child and their family. Pawan Kalyan said, “I want the public to punish people who have such an anarchy on the real women.”

Chief Minister Chandrababu Arrested the Chief Minister on this incident. The accused has been arrested and ordered to take stringent action. Opposition YSRCP’s victims were involved in the support of family members. There has been a clash of clashes between the power and opposition members at various places. Police are trying to take control of the situation. The suspect is suspected to have taken custody of the suspect.