Pandem Kodi 2 Review – Vishal’s Pandem Kodi 2 Movie Ratings, Reviews, Story

Pandem Kodi 2 Review

Pandem Kodi 2 ReviewBOTTOM LINE: Action Entertainer
Movie Rating: 2.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Vara Lakshmi, Raj Kiran, Sarath Kumar & others
Release date: 18th October 2018
Director: Lingusamy
Producer: Vishal, Ddaval Jayantilal, Akshay Jayantilal
Cinematographer: Shaktivel
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

The movie ‘Sandakozhi’ brought to Telugu Star Vishal Stardom in Tamil Industry. The film was released in Telugu with the name ‘Pandem kodi’ and has succeeded here. The film is now came with sequel too. Made by Lingusamy. Dussehra is a good gift to the audience today.

Pandem Kodi 2 Story:

Balu (Vishal)  is the son of Raja Reddy (Raj Kiran) whom treated as God for Some Villages in Kadapa district. For a while he has to go through the faction fights and then goes abroad. On the other hand, factional conflicts are dark. Bhavani (Varalakshmi) who lost her husband in a stroke, She Decided to kill a person who is under the Raja Reddy family. At this time the Balu returns home. Raja Reddy is trying to create peace in the villages.. Bhavani people are coming against to Raja Reddy. The rest of the story is How the Balu fulfills their father’s determination by Stopping Them.

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Story Line Analysis:

Director Lingusamy’s style telling the mass stories in the class way. ‘Run’ .. ‘Pandem Kodi’ ..’Avara ‘.. There will be a lot of action in this. There is no deficit of mass factors. But the stories were presented stylishly and allowing them to be adequately attached to Lingusamy. In Padem Kodi Movie, Vishal who is not having any images also he Shown as a Mass Hero. By the time this sequel was released Vishal became a massive hero. He has been on a swing with successive successes. Lingusamy knows what audiences will expect from ‘Pandem Kodi 2’. He did not fully utilize these advances. The action episodes of the mass audience are set up .. Hero Elevation scenes are well set but most importantly. But in other Important Scenes Lingusamy did not work properly.

The main attraction for ‘Pandem Kodi’ is the hero-villain conflict. The role of the hero begins as simple and then the way it is made is impressive. The villain’s role is also strong, making the film stronger. Even though the story of ‘Tamilnadu’ is actually Tamil story, the roles of Rayalaseema are well connected to the backdrop. It was well there. But we do not have seen a plus points in ‘Pandem Kodi 2’. The villain’s role in this film is no less powerful. There is no direct fight between the hero-villain .. The conflicts point is too small and there is no emotion in the audience. The heroine is very strong throughout the film. The villain bachelor will be ruffled. If he does not drop himself and leave the villains, he will not be able to stand on the side. On the other hand, the Telugu audience is a little bit ebben.

The action episodes .. Hero Elevation Scenes .. Heroine’s character in the backdrop comedy .. The second half. Mass spectators can see heavy fighting scenes like this. The way they are made is the attraction to the film. In a place where the film is going on a massive scale, the hero gets the rude batch working without disturbing the hero. That’s the episode of the masses. Lingusamy showed how he can elevate Heroism easily without much complications. On the other hand, Vishal .. On the other hand, Raj Kiran is forced to work in different places. It is well designed.

Keerthi Suresh is also in the role of Mira Jasmine’s role in the ‘Pandem Kodi’. The hero’s father is seeing his girlfriend who loves his son .. The heroine scooter drives it into the galloping selphi. The other go on the jeep along with the hero while he falls on the spot where he falls to the ground and jumps to the ground. Seeing the heroine in this kind of riot is also new. After the ‘Mahanati’, it looks like a different character in this role. Lingusamy provided a package with the subject of the targeted Audience expectations from ‘Pandem Kodi 2’.

But in terms of the story, the ‘Pandem Kodi 2’ is not much impressive turns. He has a small point. Villains try to repeatedly kill a man in the house .. The hero prevents it. In the first half of the story, the track, which is linked with the heroine role, prepares good entertainment. The interval is in the process of action. But the lack of fun in the Second Half.. the scenes seemed to be repaired. The villain role played by Varlakshmi feels normal until the climax. Overall, it is doubtful that the mass audience in the ‘Pandem Kodi 2’ will do all the things like ‘Pandem Kodi’.


Vishal has done perfectly for his role as a perfect man. His screen brightness is good in action scenes .. Elevation scenes. Vishal made his role as simple in Lingusamy style. Keerthi Suresh has done well. This is another memorable role in her career. Like ‘Meera Jasmine’ in the ‘Pandem Kodi’ .. Keerthi has also made a strong impression. After the ‘Mahanati’, it is said to be the Keerthi Makeover. The dignity of energy in the dances is impressive. Raj Kiran also gained the key role as hero’s father. Varalakshmi performance as villain is good. Her performance in the climax is impressive. All other actors are okay.

Technical Aspects:

Yuvan Shankar Raja is like a pillar of the background with background music. He gave a fine background score as the film walks. His background music is strong for action episodes for action sequences. The songs do not mind. Powerful photography is okay. Production values ​​are good. In the middle of the track, Lingusamy did not get the movies to his level. He made the effort to play a safe game in the ‘Pandem Kodi’ sequel. He mainly focuses on the action scenes in mind, focusing on mass auditors. But he has to do some more work on the story. Try to get more twists. You have to look at the second way. Lingusamy did not show his impression in the role of the villain.

Finally: Pandem Kodi 2 is only for Mass Audience