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Vijay Devarakonda is now a sensation in the South. Vijay is not only in Telugu but also in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and every film industry. The reason for this is ‘Arjun Reddy’. After this film, many parallel directors tried to make a film with Vijay. The Tamil director, AR Murugadoss’s disciple, Anand Shankar, Vijay, was happy with his story. Keijnanavel attempting to bilingual film producer Vijay Raja pattalekkincaru this project. So far, the Telugu limited limited Vijay is now getting familiar with the Tamil audience with ‘Nota’.

Nota” has already been made in Telugu and Tamil Nadu. Vijay himself dubbed in Tamil was interested in the movie. The campaign was well undertaken in Tamil and in conflict with the controversy. Some political leaders have objected to the release of the film saying that the ‘Nota’ film might affect voters after the polls in Telangana. The film also demanded to stop the release of the film. In the midst of this controversy, the film is coming forward today. But already in the US premiere shows are shown. Telugu and Tamil viewers who have seen the movie are responding through Twitter.

The ‘Nota’ film is good for the fostaaf and the talk is about the second half. On the whole, it is floating in the film as the movie average. Even though the Tamil people have cassiated with Kos, the Telugu people do not like it. However, the political scenes in the Fostaaf, Vijay Devarakonda mass political press meet audiences would like a tribe. If the same waved in the second half, the level of the film would be different. Anand Shankar’s sequel to the film is very boring. Vijay Devarakonda has always been happy with his acting performance. But some scenes between Sathyaraj and Vijay are reminiscent of the movie ‘Leader’.

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