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Nawab Movie Review

Nawab Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE: Gangster Drama
Movie Rating: 2.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Arvind Swamy, Shimbu, Vijay Sethupathi, Arun Vijay, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Jyothika, Aditi Rao Haidari, Diana Errappa, Tyagarajan, Mansur Ali Khan and others
Release date: 27th September 2018
Director: Mani Ratnam
Producer: Mani Ratnam – Subhaskaran
Cinematographer: Santosh Sivan
Music: AR Rahman

Nawab Movie Review

Maniratnam, who has taken a south cinema to high, has not been able to make good films from few years. The Movie “Okay Bangaram” was Good, but then “Chelia” was disappointed. Now he has made a ‘Nawab’ with a huge cast. This film has came to audiance in Tamil and Telugu at same. Now will see this movie updates.

Nawab Movie Story

Bhupathi Reddy (Prakash Raj) is the man who built a big business empire in trusting Rowdyizm. He had three sons. While Bhupathi is running smoothly with their family dominance, his wife is being attacked in bomb blast. His son’s is in an attempt to find out who was the attacker. Meanwhile Bhupathi dies with a heart attack. The dominant battle between the three sons begins to gets his place. One targets one another. Who attacked Bhupathi, who was able to win over the battle of the brothers .. Who has taken the place of Bhupathi is the other story.


‘Nawab’ is the story behind the dominant battle between the three sons to receive father’s legacy. The sons will go to stage that kill each other. The rest of the family does not even care. But the problem begins and then it becomes bigger and you can think of it until you kill each other with unexpected developments. An attempt was made to receive the pre-emptive authority … it would be reasonable to go to the murders after that. But the story begins with ‘Nawab’ being directly shot dead. Brothers are looking for the killing of each other in the face of the janmans. There are no family bonds anywhere between them. Do not think about women in the family .. do not think about the child .. There is no idea about parents too. Someone is attacking each other.

We have seen such a supremacist struggle in ‘Race’ Movie earlier. But it is different from that. It runs on the themes of betrayal and betrayal from the beginning. Initially it will fall into practice. But here it is not so. There is a good bond between them. But when they come to power, they do not have at least one debate. Directly to kill each other. If you look at the whole thing, you can not sit down and talk to them all the time. The film is going to haunt the film and the whole thing on the screen is a little unrealistic .. We will feel embarrassed.

From the beginning of ‘Nawab’ to the end of the movie is a rage. The story begins with the first scene. There is no break in the story. The film is moving fast. There are some interesting scenes. The story revolves. But Maniratnam failed to convey this story as convincing. The actors who are known for the screenplay are the screen premises. At whose level they made a special effort. Santosh Sivan Visuals .. Rahman’s background music? But all of this is good .. The new story that does not seem like convincing does not stop the audience’s interest. Mani Ratnam’s magical moments also missed.

Maniratnam cinema means, In Each Frame we will see his Mark. Even if the film is a flutter, his impression is clear. But surprisingly, he lost his impression in ‘Nawab’. Mani Ratnam music director is Rahman .. He has made some movies with Santosh Sivan because of them we felt ‘Mani Ratnam’ Feel but .. in the story of the characters .. Maniratnam missed the mark of the scenes. Mani Ratnam Like Rowdyism .. Mafia is not new to making films in the background. He made such an attempt in films like ‘Nayakudu’ .. ‘Yuva’. But at every step there will be a sign. But here it is not. Mani Ratnam is different from previous movies, but it is a little better and does not have a special feel. The main characters are all Tamil actors and their lack of connection with Telugu audiences is also difficult to relate to Nawab.


Maniratnam cinema does not have to make any of the actors. He chooses the best performances for the characters and gets the best performance from them. ‘Nawab’ is also no exception. Every actor is shining in the film. Aravind Swamy has played a flood role in all. Shinu .. Vijay Sethupathi .. Arun Vijay .. The main characters are the ones who have their specialty. The astrology has shown her specialty in heroines. Aditya Rao .. Diana Errabappa is less than the screen space. It seems okay as long. Prakash Raj .. Jayasudha has come up with their presence in the low sequences. Tyagaraj also did well. All other actors are okay.

Nawab 2018 Movie Technical Aspects:

Rahman’s background music is a big force for Nawab. He showed his performance. But the songs are very disappointing. There is no song to remember. Santosh Sivan does not have to specifically say about photography. Rich Clues brought the film with top class visuals. Production values ​​are good. There is no point in the story of Mani Ratnam chosen. He also guided the audience to the viewer’s expectations. He was unable to show his impression on the role of emotions in connecting the characters with audiences. Mani Ratnam Cinema once came out of the Hippin Flapinaya Theater and chased the chances. But there are no such features in ‘Nawab’. He missed Magic.

Bottom Line: Mani Ratnam Magic Missed