Narthanasala Review – Narthanasala Telugu Movie Review, Story, Rating

narthanasala review

narthanasala reviewBOTTOM LINE: Point Less
Movie Rating:1.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Naga Shaurya, Kashmira, Yamini Bhaskar, Shivaji Rajaand others
Release date: 30th August 2018
Director: Srinivas Chakravarthi
Producer: Usha Mulpuri
Cinematographer: Vijay C Kumar
Music: Mahati Swara Sagar
Banner: Ira Creations

Narthanasala Telugu Movie Review 2018

In the beginning of this year, Naga Shaurya had a huge success with ‘Chalo’. Naga Shaurya got a good result with this film made in their own banner. Now, in the same banner, Introduced another new director Srinivas Chakravarthy and done ‘@Narnathalaala’. Now will check that Movie Reviews.

Narthanasala Movie Story

Kalyan (Shivaji Raja) strongly wants girl child to be born to him. But his wife gave birth to baby boy. For some reasons Kalyan is raising his son Shaurya (Naga Shaurya) as a girl. He becomes a little different when he gets older. He helps the girls to but not attracted to them. At this time, two girls fall in love with Shaurya. Shaurya  says he is gay in order to escape from a girl. His troubles begin. How he escaped form those troubles. Really he is homosexual or not, that is the Story.

Narthanasala Story Analysis:

The hero is lying to be gay to avoid marriage with a girl she doesn’t like. In that situation, the girl’s gay brother likes Hero. This is a scene that’s funny in ‘@Narthanasala’ Even though the matter is so plain before .. after this scene audience will get enthusiasm. Everyone hopes that now story will be entertaining. But the ‘@Narthanasala ‘ will not given much time to collapse hopes. Hero is in middle of the Heroine Bada’s family.. Which hero will use oudated formula of changing their all minds of ‘@Narthanasala’. Hero decides to change the lives of people who have not changed for decades. Sentiments in them. He makes all good things to fulfil his goal. Pony comedy can be touted .. But that comedy is also outdated. ‘Nursery’ throws up with the comedy of the years that do not laugh but tickle up. This is the first time that the batsman has been scrambled with Chalo. This time it has failed to laugh at all.

Gay comedy had tried with supporting characters in the past few Telugu movies. It is a special attraction for films like ‘Gunde Jari Gallanthayyindhi’. But this time the Hero only Gay, new director Srinivas Chakravarthi done a brave effort. This is something new to the audience. That character was correctly made .. If the entertainment was to grow .. ‘@Narthanasala’ was a special film. But just to the point where it was exaggerated and how it was written around the story, There’s a few comedy spots out there. The viewers do not expect dose somewhere. Initially the hero really showed Gay Amo as he wanted .. Then he change with him and finally finished the film with the director. There is nothing in the role of a character in this role.

Starting with loud comedy, the ‘@Narthanasala’ usually starts with a phase that goes too far. The two heroines are very common and the scenes with them are bored. Interval block only promotes interest in the first hour of the day. Encourages hopes on the second half. However, except for some scenes in Ajay-Souravia’s combination, there is no interest in the second half. The effort to cultivate sentiment is totally discarded. The artificial scenes are not emotions. In addition to the scenes too slow, it will be very difficult to continue with one step in ‘@ Narthanasala’. Sivaji Raja will come and change the movie if the matter is incomplete. It’s as good as saying about this comedy. From there, it will be anticipated to get closer to the end. The movie has no previous impression. Hero Gay is exchanged for a new point and without a proper exercise, the film is made up of ‘@ Narthanasala’.

Narthanasala Actors:

Nagasouhya was just okay. His role raises interest in some places. We will expect more from Shaurya on this. But he did not want to do what he did. Suresh is impressive in terms of looks. There is no specialty in the heroines. In Kashmiri Paradesi Glamor but in acting, no mudra will not. As far as Yami Bhaskar feels right. The glamor of her looks in the picture. Senior actors Shivaji Raja .. Jayaprakash Reddy .. Ajay has a significant role. They laughed slightly there. And there was no strong impression. Heroine friend is OK.

Narthanasala Technical Aspects:

Mahati Swara Sagar, Mani Sharma’s son who had given music for “Chalo”, but this he didn’t given that much output. None of the songs are unique. ‘Look at the sight of ..’ His background music is also common. Vijay Kumar’s camera performance is okay. The songs are well. Production values ​​are good. Well spent. One star movie level up to the tracks. Writer cum director Srinivas Chakravarti chose a different point but he failed to make it interesting. In the comedy, the trend is lacking in the film because the trend is lacking. Out loud with a loud comedy. He did not show any speciality as a director.

Finally: @Narthanasala is Point Less Movie