Chandrababu Naidu Rules Out Brahmani Entry Into Politics

Naidu Rules Out Brahmani Entry Into Politics

Whenever Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Telugu Desam Party president comes to Hyderabad and attending the functionaries of  TDP Telangana unit, he faces a difficult question from them as to who would lead the TDP Party in the state in the coming elections.

Though the Telugu Desam Party does not have much stakes in Telangana, Chandrababu Naidu has been desperately trying to fill some confidence in the members stating that the TDP party had bright future in Telangana State too, and that there was no loss to the party cadre.

But he has not been able to announce a proper leader for the TDP Telangana. So, every time, the cadre asks Chandrababu Naidu to make either Nara Brahmani or Junior NTR as the in-charge of the party in Telangana State so that it would bring some hope to the party. Though Babu had been avoiding this demand all these days, they were unhappy.

On Friday, Chandrababu categorically told them that there was no idea of bringing his daughter-in-law Brahmini into politics.

Reacting to the TDP Telagana leaders’ request for action in Brahmani into politics to lead the Telangana TDP unit, Chandrababu firmly told them that Brahmani was not at all interested in politics. As she was busy with her Heritage Group business, So She will not take up political responsibility .

Last time, the Telangana Telugu Desam Party leaders wanted Chandrababu to bring Junior NTR into the party to lead the TS TDP Unit. This made Chandrababu very angry and he shouted them down.

He said that “Don’t expect that persons from Nandamuri family or Nara family should come and take the responsibility. The leaders should emerge from within yourself,” .