#MeToo: Sruthi Hariharan accuses Arjun Sarja of Sexual Harassment

MeToo Sruthi Hariharan accuses Arjun Sarja of Sexual HarassmentSruthi Hariharan Blasted #MeToo Bomb on Action King Arjun Sarja. She Said that, He has done a Misbehavior in a film shooting. Shruti, familiar to Tamil and Kannada audience, has accused Arjun of sexually harassed her in a film shooting. Her serious allegations against Arjun in a social media platform.

#MeToo is now shaking the Country..’ We know that Bollywood Director Sajid Khan and Actor Nana Patekar are accused in #MeToo. MJ Akbar, who served as Union Minister, was forced to abdicate the Union Minister’s post because of this ‘#MeToo’

#MeToo movement is Currently going on in In South India, Tamil Nadu. It is Known that singer Chinmayi Sripada, accused Writer Viramuthu. Recently, the News is Shocking everyone that; Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Actor Arjun is Accused for #MeToo.

Shruthi Hariharan told that the incident during the shooting of the film. In Shooting without Director Saying Arjun has Embraced her and touched her Back and Down Part with Different Feeling and Said that She Felt very bad at that time and it is noticed by Director too.

Shruthi Hariharan said in a post on social media that, “Arjun is Very famous in the movie industry and since when i was a child i liked his movies, but when i worked with him i understood his Character”. Arjun’s daughter is also in the film industry. She is also acting as heroine.

In fact, Arjun is out of contention. It’s surprising that Arjun’s allegations against #Metoo .. We have to wait and see whether this Allegations are true or not? Lets See.