Mahesh is just like Krishna in the case of Girls

Mahesh Babu Looks like his Father Superstar Krishna, Not only Physically but also in Behaviour Said by Vijaya Nirmala. She is the Second wife of Krishna and Mahesh Babu is the First Wife Son. In one Interview Vijay Nirmala Said Interesting things about Super Star Mahesh Babu behaviour.

Krishana is very Scared about Girls. He is very afraid to Speak with Girls. Not only with heroines and other girls also, he will be heading down when he is speaking with girls. He will not see into their Eyes. The Same behaviour i noticed in Mahesh Babu. She Said that, He will think that if he see in their eyes they will uncomfortable and he don’t like that.

Mahesh Babu has a lot of same things like Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala Said. In “Bharat ane nenu” Movie Mahesh is looking like Krishna and on that Pramana Sweekaram Scene, his voice is like krishna only. In one song in the movie, mahesh wore moustache, there is looking same like Krishna. Mahesh babu is good human being. Everyone will like that kind of Child, Said by Vijaya Nirmala.