Delhi Government: Low Quality in Amul, Mother Dairy Milk Companies

Low Quality in Amul Mother Dairy Milk Companies

Milk is served as a healthiest food for children. In our country not only production of milk, consumption of milk is also more. That is why many diaries have emerged throughout the country. Each state in the country has cooperative dairy Organisations. In addition, many private diaries selling dairy products also. Daily Organisation decreasing the qualify of Raise in Milk Consumption. The large Dairy corporations like, Gujarat Cooperative Dairy Amul, Noida which sells dairy products in Gujarat, are also not following the standards. The issue was recently revealed in the examinations conducted by the Delhi Health Ministry.

On Friday, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that 21 dairy farms, including Amul and Mother Dairy are having low quality. These 20 dairy samples are not harmful to health but are not following standards. These diaries are not following indicated levels in compounds such as fat and others. “We have collected 165 dairy samples across Delhi from April 13 to 28 for testing. Of these, 21 models have been misplaced.

The minister said the report would be sent to the court and those who are not following the standards would be penalised between Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh. Now we have to look what kind of Explanation would be give by the dairies to the Government.