I Like Vijay Devarakonda Originality: Allu Arjun

I Like Vijay Devarakonda Originality Allu Arjun

Everyone knows that Vijay Devarakonda popularity has grown with Geeta Govindam. Such a popular hero is now preparing for a Taxiwala. GA 2 Pictures and UV Creations jointly Producing this film. SRK As a Producer and Rahul Sankruthyan as a Director are getting introduced. With the release of already teasers, songs and promotional videos, The pre-release function was planned in the Grand Level to increase these expectations. “Southern Star” Allu Arjun is the guest for this ceremony. Taxiwala has recently completed censor programs and has received good acclaim. Taxiwala will be released worldwide on November 17th with a Certificate of UA.

I Like Vijay Devarakonda Originality Allu Arjun

On the occasion of the celebration of the pre-release event on Sunday, The Southern Star Allu Arjun while Speaking… Thank you for the Sai, who was the writer of this film. Because literature is only our culture. The Writers are very hard but the Least Identity is over. But I want to tell everyone that the first one is to reset the rights of the riders. I thank each of the names of the technicians who worked for this film. I Wish All the Best. Vijay dress is awesome. Prinyanka Said she has Crush one me But i can not do anything now. Priyanka is a Marathi girl but has grown in Anantapur. Anyone who loves Telugu are Telugu People. When Me and My Brother Talk about #MeToo, we were discussing that girl should come and do hard work, Very clean and good industry is the Telugu industry. You ask any heroines that there is very Respect to heroines in Telugu industry. To say about Producer he is Die Hard fan of Mega Family and is one of the most prolific people who are struggling to have a little bit harder today. SKN I am very well proud of you. He came to the office and asked we wanted you to come for pre-release, You have any Problem? I said there is no problem. Means You have already came once that’ s why.

In the Vijaya devakonda style, If you kiss a liked girl so many times also u will not get Bored. Vijay, jokes on single boys does not have problems. UV Pictures are the producers I like most. They was the only producers whom i asked and make me crazy. I am very happy that my own man Bunny Vasu and SKK were both producers. I’m very happy if someone bother me before me. RRR film was launched today. My favorite mega Power Star Ram Charan, I would like to make fun of Junior NTR as my Bava, Pride of Telugu cinema Rajamouli to i wish you all the best. Vijay Next Time will make me a good dress design for your event. Okay, I will definitely do the design for you, “said Vijay Devarakonda. You are a very good dancer. Vijay has an Orientalism. That’s what people love. Vijay is a Fantastic Performer. We all came from a golden plate. He has been struggling gradually and step by step from Subway to Eve.

I can be a big actor but I never made self. He is the sculpture he has taken. I can not find jokes on those who are talented. I do not want. The amount of negligence comes at a time when the society increases. Do not mind Vijay. I Really Enjoy Your Success. Think of how many lives there are so many people who have worked hard for a movie. Please do not entertain the piracy. Go to the theaters and watch the movie. Thank you is going to be all.