Harikrishna was Died with Unfilled Last Wish

Harikrishna was Died with Unfilled Last WishFormer MP Nandamuri Harkrishna died in a road accident in Nalgonda district. His funeral also ended with thousands of fans on Thursday. However, he died without getting his last wish.

His birthday was on September 2. On that day, he asked the fans to send the some money to the Kerala victims with the heavy rains, without any hugs. That’s the way he showed his big heart.

However, a news about him came up recently. This is a summary of the news that he has a desperate desire. In fact, Harikrishna has acted in several movies in the past. Cine fans are delighted. In ‘Lahari Lahari Lahiri’, ‘Sitaramaraju’ and ‘Seethiyya’ are the films which have been co-starring with YVS Chowdhury. In these films, Harikrishna has shown his wonderful acting. He worked in ‘Sravanamasam’ with Krishna, that is his last movie.

Many directors and producers then contacted him and asked him to act in their films. But he refused. If he want to act again that would be the film which he will act with his sons Kalyan Ram and Tarak. But, Sitaiah (Harikrishna) went faraway to anyone with Unfilled his last wish.

Anyway we will pray for his soul to Rest in Peace