10 Interesting and Important Facts about Andhra Pradesh

Facts about Andhra Pradesh

The Intresting Facts about Andhra Pradesh (AP) is all set here. It is one of the Major State in India and it holds many Unknown and Interesting facts, that will make you excited. From Indian Flag Designer to Largest Banyan Tree,  2000 Year Old Amaravati Heritage; we have listed out 12 Lesser Known and Historical Facts about Andhra Pradesh.

AP is well known because of the reason Andhra holds many more interesting and amazing facts. The individuals from all over India would like to go there to know more about Andhra Pradesh History and Culture. The main reason that everyone likes this marvellous place is that Andhra has every place that adventurous person likes to visit. Andhra Pradesh is not like any other Indian states because of the reason they hold some great unique interesting facts that other states of India don’t have. Let’s have a look on those.

Indian National Flag Designer is from Andhra Pradesh

Pingali Venkayya is one of the famous freedom fighters from Andhra Pradesh. He is also the one who created the tricolour Indian National Flag. The idea of the flag is based on peace, harmony and sacrifice which is due to the colour of the flag. There are many types of flags has been used during the independence fight. But the flag he used is the one that ended up successfully till now.

Has Only Pillar in the World Which Has no Base

A small village which is present in the Anantapur district from Andhra Pradesh has the historical temple named Lepakshi. One of the amazing facts about this temple is that it has totally 70. In among one of the 70 pillars one pillar is known as the wonder because of the reason it has no support in the base. No one has ever found the way how it was done.

Has the Premier Digital Technology Institute

Andhra Pradesh government has set up India’s first digital technology institute named International Institute of Digital Technologies which is mainly designed in order to motivate the youngsters to pursue a career in the digital field. This facility is fully created with the state of the art facility. It is also designed for the reason to make it as the preferred destination for the digital opportunities by the year 2020.

Telugu is Known as the “Italian of the East”

Telugu is the official language of the state of Andhra Pradesh. During 1900’s Telugu was referred by British as the “Italian of the Ease”. Because of the reason that most of the words from Telugu looks like the Italian language and also the end of the vowel sound is the same in both languages.

Has Largest Film Production Facility

Telugu cinemas industry holds the largest film production facility in the world. Even they have won an award in the Guinness World Record for its film production facility. Also, a famous film producer from the Andhra Pradesh state holds the Guinness record for producing the most number of films by a person. In his career, he has produced around 150 movies in 13 different languages.

Amaravati has 2000-Year-Old Heritage

Amaravati is present in a small town in the Guntur district is well known because of its 2,000-year history, which is known as one of the oldest places in Indian history. This place has the many old Buddhist sculptures present in there. Amaravati is the capital region of the satavahanas during the times of 2nd and 3rd century. But after the fall of great kingdoms like Pallava, this place was captured by the Britishers.

It Has World’s Largest Banyan Tree

A banyan tree present in the Anantapur district from the Andhra Pradesh has the Guinness record of the biggest banyan tree present in the world. This tree has covered the 19,107 sq.m and the branches of this tree have spread over more than 8 acres of land. This tree is known by the name Thimmamma Marrimanu. The record of being the biggest tree was set in the year of 1989 as this record was still unbroken.

Only Place from South India That Has Snow Fall

Lammasingi is a famous village present in the Chintapalli Mandal of the Visakhapatnam district. It is only placed from south India which receives snowfall. Also, this place is well known as the Kashmir of Andhra because of the snowfalls. why this area receives the snowfall is due to the reason that this place is present 1000 meters above the sea level.

Has Island Which was Once a Mountain

This place is present from the few kilometres from the Hyderabad in the sea. This place is known as the Nagarjunakonda island of the Andhra Pradesh state. After a mountain was submerged into the sea this place was created. Nowadays this place is used for Buddhist learning. This island is the best breeding ground for the crocodile. Also, this place beholds the most beautiful waterfalls in India.

Many Presidents are From Andhra

From the 13 presidents that are totally elected in India. Among the three of them is from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Those three presidents names are respectfully Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Varahagiri Venkata Giri and the Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. This makes the Andhra Pradesh hold a well-reputed record of producing the most number of presidents by a state.

Has Longest Coastline

Andhra Pradesh is also the proud owner of having the record of holding the longest Coastline in South India. The Andhra Pradesh coastline has a distance of about 974 km by overtaking other states present in south India.  So there is no wonder that Andhra Pradesh also has the most beaches. Also, some of the most interesting facts are that the major towns of Andhra Pradesh such as Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Nellore and Srikakulam is situated near the coastline areas.

Tirupati Laddu

Tirupati temple is one of the second richest temple present in India. This temple provides the most delicious laddu like which you can not get them from any other place because of the secret recipe it has. Many people like to go to Tirupati just to have the taste of those amazing sweet laddu.

These are the best interesting fact Andhra Pradesh holds which no other place has. This is one of the main reason why Andhra Pradesh is considered as the special state of India in every aspect. Share these facts with your friends and family so that they also can be able to know about these amazing facts about Andhra Pradesh. If you have any query or else you know any other interesting places like this you are most welcome to join in the comment section below so everyone can know about those amazing details.

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