Elimination of this week is Babu Gogineni?

As we already know, one day earlier about Elimination leaking on Social Media. The Sunday Episode of Big Boss 2 Telugu Shot a Day Earlier and who working on the sets are Telugu People that is the Reason behind Leaks. Past 5 Weeks, The Kick is Missing because of a day before the audience gets to know who is Eliminated. In this case Big Boss also unable to do anything. As usual this week also news leaked on social media that Babu Gogineni Eliminated. In Addition Babu Gogineni Got Less Votes in Poll, So it is Confirming that he is Eliminated.

In this week’s Elimination Zone Shyamala – Deepthi Nallamodu – Geetamadhuri – Ganesh – Tanish – Babu Gogineni. However, he got less votes in Poll. So speculation is that he is Elimination. In addition, there has been a difference in the behavior of the past two weeks. He Fought with Kaushal and Geeta Madhuri and their Fans angry on Babu. In addition, last week, in few tasks he didn’t showed for some reasons. In addition, Babu said he wanted to leave the big boss. All this is taken into consideration … The latest leak on social media is this time that the Babu Gogineni Wicket Was Down.