“Devadas” First Look is Out Today and Going Crazy in Audience


Everyone knows that King Nagarjuna and Natural star Nani are acting in multi-starter movie and a comedy entertainer ‘Devdas’. Nagarjuna plays the role of a Don and Natural Start as a doctor in this film. Devadasu makers who have grown up Enthusiasm in the Audience with Interesting Posters. Today they have come up with the first look Poster.

Recently they given one hit by releasing on Poster with Costly Liquor Bottle and the bottle cap will open on 7th August. In First Look that bottle is open and the Nagarjuna, Nani has been sleeping on the same bed as a full drunken persons. Nagarjuna holds the Liquor bottle in the left hand and holds the revolver in the right hand. And he is wearing shoe in right led and the second shoe is under the feet, the doctor Nani in-shirt is slightly removed, the mouth is somewhat open and they are sleeping like full high. Neck stethoscope is there same.

Devadas First Look

Saying in one word about the Poster is Kirrak. Both Nagarjuna and Nani together going to make audiences crazy. Nagarjuna already done so many don characters and now with a new variation Dan. And other side it is Natural Actor Nani, to see both of them together, we have to wait till September 27. Don’t Ask why like a innocent people, because it is the release date of the film.

Sriram Aditya is the director of this multistar movie. Senior producer Chalasaani Ashwini Dutt is producing this film on Vyjayanthi Movies banner. The heroines of this movie are Aakaksha Singh and Rashmika Mandana starring.