Dachepalli Rape Case – Andhra on Fire

Dachepalli Rape Case - Andhra on Fire

Andhra Pradesh is resisting an incident of raping a 55-year-old girl on a nine-year-old girl. In addition to the shocking of Guntur district, the locals along with the family members and relatives of the victims held a massive protest. The protest was further aggravated by the Opposition’s YSRCPP party ranks in support of them. This led to a severe tension in many places. Police are trying to bring the situation under control.

A 55-year-old man Subbaiah was taken into the house by herself and told him that she would buy biscuits for the girl playing in front of the house at 7.30 pm on Wednesday (May 2). After that, the girl threatened to kill anyone and then left the girl to her house. The girl was taken to hospital with her stomach pain.

When the doctors examined the victim told her that she was raped, the men were haunted. At present, the victim is being treated at Guntur hospital. DGP Malakondaiya said Nirupunan, who is absconding, will soon be arrested.