C/O Kancharapalem Movie Review – C/O Kancharapalem Telugu Movie Rating, Story, Analysis

Kancharapalem Movie Review

Kancharapalem Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE: Pure Cinema
Movie Rating: 3.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Subba Rao, Radha Bessie, Kesava Karri, Nithya Sree Goru, Karthik Ratnam, Paruchuri Vijaya Praveena, Mohan Bhagat, Pranita Patnaik
Release date: 7th September 2018
Director: Venkatesh Maha
Producer: Paruchuri Vijay Pravina
Cinematographer: Varun Shafeker
Music: Svikar agasti

C/O Kancharapalem Movie Review

C/O Kancharapalem .. The film which has become a debate in Tollywood for some days. Venkatesh Maha, a new director Venu Directed the film and the movie Celebrities praised director after watching the film. Its promos have also provoked interest. Among the good expectations, the audience today came up with ‘C/O kancharapalem’. Let’s see what the picture is given to these expectations.

C/O Kancharapalem Story:

50 Years Attender who is still unmarried .. his favourite one Superior Officer; a ten year old boy.. and a Girl who attracted to him; A Boy who is working Liquor Shop ..  And a prostitute Who loves Him; A Christian boy .. and a Brahmin girl who loves him; Now the Story is about all these people who are all living in Kancharapalem Village. What consequences happens in their lives .. and how they have changed their lives. That is rest of the story.


Movies come and Pass. But after watching for a few days, the films that remain in mind are rarely coming. The film ‘C/O kancharapalem’ is in the film. This is an honest effort as Suresh Babu released this film. This is a good example of a pure cinema. The man around us is looking at the screen and watching their lives from side to side .. We feel like we are going to be together with ‘C/O kancharapalem’. So if we are suffering roles on the screen, we will suffer. If they do something they will laugh. We will enjoy the thrill of those characters. We feel all kinds of emotions. Travelling along with the characters does not happen in all the movies. Thus, ‘C/O Kancharapalem’ is a special film.

The life of each character is different from the fact that it is different from the child. The audience is easy to talk about ‘C/O Kancharapalem’. The meaningful stories of the characters are impressed by the audience. There are basically four episodes. In one of these scenes, stories are up to two characters. Speciality. The rest of them are settled. But it did not happen in ‘C/O Kancharapalem’. That story is unique to any story. All the characters are impressive. In particular, the process of dealing with the love of the two medieval girls is very much appreciated. At the age of 50, the process of getting a  bride, The entertainment produced by the character in the film is highlighted. The role of the character is not as entertaining but the rest of the characters .. their stories also provoke interest. Easy connecting with the characters makes you quick in the movie. We’ll be excited about what will happen later in their lives.

Each character in the film has a specific personality. Their behavior is clearly visible in words. A back story for each character has been written by the director … If the director is interested in acting in the role of the actors, the actors will also act in the role of the actors, but there are many examples in the ‘Kaanaparapalam’ Actually the movie is going to be a cinema .. but it is the art of the movie .. Love .. comedy .. action .. thrill .. a ‘commercial’ There are all the things that the film needs. There is a meaningful discussion on topics such as caste system and dishonest killings. The love stories of different people in a cage can be seen in a man’s mind to different stages of life. The love story of a 50-year-old girl, along with a ten-year-old child, has nothing to do with love of old age. ‘Art’ plays an important role in every love story. That’s how the director conveyed his passion.

Everyone will take some time to get used to new ones. Initially the scenes are also a bit slow. But the connection with the characters does not stop. It will be so until the end. The first way is entertaining. The second way runs as emotional. There are a lot of scenes in the film. Especially the climax is a strong impression. Audiences come out of theaters with a distinct feel. An opinion on artistic films is unlikely to be viewed by audiences. However, ‘Karef Kancharapalem’ is artfully entertaining and entertaining .. The average audience is to be loved. It’s no doubt that this is a good turn for the Telugu film which has been going on for a few years.


Can not stop specifically about anyone in ‘C/O Kancharapalem’. They played in Kancharapalem village. In fact, they do not seem to be like that. So naturally they have played their roles. The role of the king in the role of the actress is highlighted. Even small children are strapped with acting motion. Producer Vijay Praveena played the role of prostitute. Even those who have played minor short roles have also stamped their mark.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the ‘C/O Kancharapalem’ seems to be superior. All the technical experts worked for the director’s ideas. The recipient of the recipients of the Augustine songs are very good as the background music cinema. The cinematic sound made the film vibrant. Varun Shafekar’s cinematography is also strong in the film. The director and cameraman .. together with Kavarapalam is very beautiful. Production values ​​are cinematic. Hatsach is supposed to tell the producer’s success. Rana Daggubati, who has been in the film for the film, should also be congratulated. Director Venkatesh made a strong impression with the first film. As a writer, his talent as a director appears in every scene. The way he has shaped the characters is very good. The screenplay is very new. It is a surprise to a new director like this.

Finally: Pure Cinema .. C/O Kancharapalem