Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Nandini to be Eliminated this week?

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Nandini to be Eliminated this week?

Big boss Telugu is attracting audience. Daily it Receives expectations beyond Imaginations. Host Nani is attracting on Saturdays and Sundays. Nani is questioning the housemates for their mistakes on Saturday’s. On Sunday is attracting people with game shows and fun. Now Sunday has arrived and there is tension in housemates regarding eliminations.

Nani announced on Saturday that two of the five members of Elimination Zone were safe. Kaushal and Babu are went into a safe zone. The rest of the members of Elimination Zone are Deepthi, Nandini, and Ganesh. One of the these three have to come out today.

According to information from trusted communities. Nandini roy comes out of the big boss house today. Nandini has got less number of votes compared to other contenstents, and she leaving the big boss Telugu house on Sunday. And here is the twist that, who ever fought with Kaushal that team members are eliminated. This week also Nandini criticized Nandini Kaushal. There was a fight between the two; and she is going out of the house.

This week Kaushal got highest number of votes. Nani also on Saturday said that you have a good fan following. He told to Kaushal that he should inspire all of them.

Controversy between Kaushal and Nandhi even before the last Monday nomination process. Kaushal said in the nomination process that my mistake is saving Nandini. Because of this a news is spreading all over that Nandini will get eliminated this week.

Comes to Nadini Roy, contestant of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu; gaining opportunities from Tollywood.  When Pradeep came into the big boss house, he said that she got a chance in several films. Nandi Roy earned her a offer in Allari Naresh and Sunil Movie.