Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner Kaushal – Runner Geetha

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner Kaushal

The time has come for television audience to announce the winner of the much-anticipated Big Boss 2. The big episode of ‘Big Boss Season 2 Grand Finale’ Tanish, Geetha Madhuri, Samrat, Deepthi and Kaushal reach the final after the title fight. ‘Anything to spice up .. more dancers .. impressive performance .. Big Boss Stage Shacking with Deepti  Performance .. Tejasvini, Bhanu Sri, Nandini Hot Hot Show .. Natural Star Stunning Performance .. Enough Entertainment .. Unexpected Twist This Big Boss Season 2 has a lot of specialities in the last episode.

112 days .. 18 Customers .. Elevations to elevations .. Elimination Tasks .. Captain Equalities .. Few of the Appearances .. Impressive Performance .. Scale Boring .. Still Boring Controversies .. Romance in the Romance .. Weekend, switches, Warnings, Warnings It’s a bitter sweet experiences of house mets on the big bass travel.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner Kaushal

Natural Reality Nani hosted the reality show on June 10, saying, ‘Anything else is going to spice up’. Each of us in the star is on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 o’clock at night and on Mondays and Fridays at 9.30pm. Initially it was 100 days, and then another two weeks later. And today (September 30) the final of the final episode highlights

# Bhale .. Bhale Magadivoye .. you laugh .. me middle class boy .. the way to see the songs like mama dancing with the modes of the dance performances and the nanny.

# Nani said that this show was a special thanks to a well-received audience for 112 days.
Nani then talked to Geeta Madhuri’s mother who came to see the final episode.
# Samrat’s mother said to the parents … How to look at Samrat in this house? Samrat’s mother was very happy to be very happy.
# Tanishq spoke to Nani .. Tanish’s father died in the meantime. Tannish’s mother was asked to ask if he would go to such a situation.
# Spoke to Kaushal family later. Kaushal’s wife Neelima said that the Kaushal people are aware of the Big Boss Show. Kaushal’s children were given to his father by Vishresh.

Eliminate Contestants shakes with ..

# Welcome to Eliminate Contestants Welcome to the entry .. Deepti Sunana, Tejaswi, Shyamala, Role Rida, Amit, Babu Gogineni stages the stage and shake the stage.
#Nani then spoke separately with each person. Speaking to Deepinda Sunananda on this occasion? Big boss house is so bad .. I have a big bass house. Would you stay there? That means haha.

Nani with the finalists through Nani TV

#Customers who are in the house show their family members and give them an emotional touch. Deepthi Nallomothu son and husband were shown on this occasion.
# Kaushal’s son and daughter are showing the emotion became kaushal.
#Thenish Tannish looked at the mother of the tannash. Tanish’s mother became an emotionally eczema if she was stuck to us. Then I promised Promise Six Pack and he was smiling.

Start of Elimination .. Samrat Out

Nani is the first Contantant Samrat who has been levied in five contests in the crucial elimination. Samrat came out of the house while everyone was laughing. Nani’s fun commented that the self-stick in the Bigbas house had come out. Samrat responded to Nani’s question about what he learned from the house. Samrat said that he learned about life and Responsibility. Subsequently, Selphi got off to Nani and touched his parents warmly.
After Samrat Elimination, Nandini, Tejaswi, Deepthi Sunaina and Shyamalas danced with dances.

Deepthi Nallamothu Out

Nani declared that the rest of the four contenders in the house were luminous to be blackened. Kaushal, Geeta and Tanish were left in the house.
Asked what you learned after going to # big boss house, he said, “No matter how many difficulties you come to. Subsequently, Deepi’s son along with Sidhu went down to the Stage and sailed from the house.

Tanish out .. two left

# And the rest of the top 3 contestants remaining in a different place. Then you’ll be told that Siren will hear you stay in the places you are in. However, Kaushal and Geeta Madadhari only came in. Nani was declared Tanish’s Eliminated as the rest of the tailesh did not come out.

# Elisinte spoke from Stage after Tanish .. I enjoyed every moment in the house. I should say one thing on this occasion. My grandmother has been very good at 25 years. Sadden’s father died. Those suffering all my heart and send me to shoot. I did not do it for you. Tanishq became an emotion for life.

Nomini has been awarded with the Amazon Award for choosing Roll Raida as the # Happiest Person of the House.

After watching # 112 with Special Video House Mets related to the 112-day Journey .. Enjoy Nani. The 10 minutes of this video included the fun fun moments along with the tasks, the overwhelmed moments, the scenes and the emotional scenes.

Finally, the big boss from the big bass stage for Ganesh Madhuri and Kaushal comes to the Big Bass house and Nani is the last. The whole house was confused and asked for their feeling.

On the way to the # Big boss’s house, Geeta Madhuri demanded that the dogs barked to hear again, along with Nani and Kaushal

Final Big Boss 2 Telugu Winner – Kaushal Manda