Anthariksham Movie Review & Ratings – Different Attempt

Anthariksham Movie Review

Anthariksham Movie Review

Movie Rating: 3/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Aditi Rao Hydari, Avasarala Srinivas, Satya Dev and others
Release date: 21st December 2018
Director: Sankalp Reddy
Producer: Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, Sai Babu Jagarlamudi
Cinematographer: Gnana Shekar V.S
Music: Prashanth Vihari


Dev (Varun Tej) is a scientist at the Indian Space Center that runs from Andhra Pradesh. He trained in Russia and has worked in crucial projects and he sends a satellite called Viprian, which is made up by him. But it will fail with unexpected reasons. At the same time Dev’s Wife (Lavana Tripathi) Dies in Accident. Dev left his job and becomes a teacher in the remote area of ​​Tamil Nadu. But after a five-year break, a problem in the space center is asking for help from Dev. In that situation, What Decision Dev Took? Is he Resolved Problem? That is remaining Story.

Plus Points

  • Space Thriller Story, which is new to Tollywood.
  • Graphics and VFX Elements.
  • Actors Performances.

Minus Points

  • Slow Narration
  • Not Shown in Dept in Technical
  • Second Half.

Story Analysis

Sankalp Reddy, who Surprised Audience with Ghazzi Attack. It is unusual for a new director to pick up such a story in the first try. In his second attempt, Sankalp has chosen such a daring story. In the first film, the audience was taken into the water, and now he took us to Space.

We can congratulate Sankalp for attempting this story .. As long as the film is watching, how much did this director work harder? But in the concept of Sankalp once again, he can not show the ‘Ghazzi’ style. Moreover, the emotional connection included is here. The cosmic liberty of having a lot of cinematic liberty, and the lack of astronauts with the hero and team in space, did not have the unique feeling of ‘space’.

It’s also inconvenient to change the plans in the space itself. When this idea is unacceptable, then the whole thing seems to be embarrassing. Genre, who has not yet seen in Telugu, so many things to show in this are new. Probably exciting. That’s interesting to the story. But the execution is not as good as the expected. Especially in ‘Ghazzi’ is the sample emotional connection .. High points in this are missing.

All those who do not see Hollywood space movies can be new to what’s happening in ‘space’. In some places, the excitement is a good one. But if Genre left it, it would have missed the audience connecting emotionally. This is because, does not correctly shape the hero character. His dream project is simple, but the hero does not seem to leave it alone and stay away from it for five years. The director failed to make convinces in showing strong reasons here.

Scenes that run in space seem to be exhausting but lose the logic of them. How much Liberty is to be taken as a conveying to the audience. Sankalp who tried to study a lot of things in space near the satellite launcher and tried to tell a lot of things.

The story should be little convincing. There is a dialogue in this regard, this is not share auto stop wherever you want. But if sees the hero plans, we will think same. In the commercial cinemas standing on the ground and how many tricks you can do but okay.

In addition, the lack of expectation in the narrative is also minus. But it is a pleasure to make such an attempt in our limitations in Telugu. Those who have not seen Hollywood space movies seem to be okay to see them once. But if you wish miracles like ‘Ghazzi’, you will be disappointed.


Varun Tej Acting as Astronaut was good, His Performance in emotional scenes was appreciable.

Adithi Rao as support Role was Good. Lavanya Tripati Screen presence was very less, but still its mark able.

Avasarala Srinivas, Rehman Characters are Good.

Technical Aspects

In this Movie Technical Support was Crucial. Everyone gave a good out put.

The music director Prashant Vihari has two songs. Background music asset. Background score has played a key role in raising excitement in the scenes.

Cameraman Rajasekhar’s experience has been greatly appreciated. What’s the effect .. If there’s a Confusion of Real .. Scenario is a camera performance.

Production values ​​are as good as ever. It has done well in its limits. In some places the VFX is good.

Director Sankalp wanted to make a different Genre once again. The rocket science was about as intuitive as possible. Sankalp said that what he want to say with out deviations. But this time he was unable to show the ‘Ghazzi’ style. It seems to have taken more cinematic liberty. Sankulap failed to impress like first film level as an overall.

Final Words

Anthariksham is Different Daring Attempt.