Anthaku Minchi Movie Review – Rashmi Gautham Telugu Movie Review, Rating Story

anthaku minchi movie review

anthaku minchi movie reviewBOTTOM LINE: Romantic Horro
Movie Rating: – 1.75/5
Censor: “A”
Starring: Jai, Rashmi Gautam, Ajay Ghosh, Madhunanadan, Harsha, TNR etc
Release date: 24th August 2018
Director: Jhony
Producer: Jai, Satish, Padmanabhareddi
Cinematographer: P. Balireddi
Music: Sunil Kashyap

Rashmi Gautam who entered as a Anchor and doing the movies now. Rashmit Gautham, who has acted in the Next Nuvve movie in the horror zone, now has come to the audience with a much more overwhelming coming film Anthaku Minchi. The posters of the film have been exhausted. Rashmi Guatham is the beauty of the beauty of the film and has a lot of hopes for the movie posters. The new Director, Johny, is going to join the industry and this is the first movie for the hero Jai. Let’s see how Jai is succeeding as the hero and the producer.

The horror films in Telugu are making theater audiences. It has been a hit formula for the last 4 years. Almost all the films with this formula have been successful except for movies that are not having story. If Rashmi is accompanied by the beauty of these formulas? .. That’s far more than that … Rashmi has gotten much Youth attention with Guntur Talkies earlier. Probably Rashmi seems to have been selling the film, but the makers horror movie will show you more of the rush beauty in trailers and other promotions. Recently, a director’s poster appeared on the rhythm of thighs, and the Rashmi that it was hiding on the film has made a number of expectations. The film is expected to come in a few hours or so.