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Amar Akbar Anthony Telugu Movie Review

Amar Akbar Anthony Telugu Movie ReviewMovie Rating: 2/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Ravi Teja, Ileana D’Cruz, Sunil, Abhimanyu Singh & others
Release date: 16th November 2018
Director: Srinu Vaitla
Producer: Mohan Cherukuri
Cinematographer: Venkat Dilip Chunduru
Music: SS Thaman

Amar Akbar Anthony Review:

In Past Mass Maha Raja Ravi Teja and Srinu Viatla has Given Hits Like ‘Venky’ and ‘Dubai Senu’. Now they both worked this film ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’. Today this Film has Come to Us, Let’s see whether this film has been fulfilled or not.

Amar Akbar Anthony Story:

Amar (Ravi Teja) loses his parents and other family members during his childhood. The People whom Their family believes and have made partners in their company, they only killed them. Amar, who went to jail for murder, is ready to take revenge on those People who killer his Family. However, he has no problems. Without being aware of, he behave like three people. What is his problem? It’s the story of how he retaliated over the enemies and the rest of the story.

Amar Akbar Anthony Analysis:

Srinu Vaitla, who once gave a classical entertainer to Telugu audience. But at one point his strength was weak. He copies his movies and hesitates to get out of a format. But lastly he done ‘Mister’.. changed a little style but it is not appreciable. That movie is a bit of a routine. Now, Amar Akbar Anthony is a surprise. Choose a routine retaliatory story and watch it through a different treatment. But he did not get in the ‘new’ point of the film. Amar Akbar Anthony was a non-fiction movie that failed to complete the dealing.

The newly trailed point for this is to show the hero with a split personality. Whilst ‘stranger’ in the days that he saw this point to be slightly different from the point of view. But the ‘stranger’ scenes in the movies like this are watching .. a thrill .. Emotions. But in Amar Akbar Anthony, Ravi Teja Characters changed the film and it seems to be comedy, unless intensity can not be feasible. In the original story somewhere this point seems to be running somperate track. This is not the way the concepts are so unnecessary. In the Split Personality Disorder, we has seen a high level performance from Vikram. Ravi Teja also feels generally. In addition to this there is no intensity or the story of Amar Akbar Anthony.

He also made another attempt to devote a ‘new’ feel to the audience by telling the whole story in America. But it has not been the strength of the film unless it has made the budget increase. Vaitla’s newly-trained point is gone, and the rest of the story has no effect. Routine Revenge Drama is not an episode of what’s going to happen later in the story. Brake the flashback and see the new thing in the screenplay by braking and showing … but it does not have to be okay. In the beginning of the story all the way to the middle .. Everything in the middle seems like a filling. Vaitla tested the audience’s patience with boring episodes.

Vintage Vaitla comedy is going to be seen in the film. But in the comedy, Punch missed. The last time the comedy battalion has grown bigger. But somewhere there is no explosive comedy. Satya .. Vennela Kishore .. Sunil is a little smoothed laughs .. They do not have any chance of comedy. This is the name given to the satire .. But it could not work out. Overall, it’s slightly different than the last movies of Vaitla except that it does not. Beyond that, the films made in a format that are more than just like these. There are no items from Vaitla-Ravi Teja combinations.


Ravi Teja looked a bit new but he did not do much. Ravi Teja wants to look new but he is so helpless. Ravi Teja looked like a clue lace. He never had the energy that ever existed. Split personality disorder has not been set on him. Ravi Teja fell in the scenes to show the controversy in the role. Ileana looked sexy but physics became a lot of ecstasy. Fans can not see the faded lily. Ileana has done well in acting. Four of them appeared as villains but no one was visible. Not a single character properly. Abhimanyu Singh, who was the FBI officer, did not have a normal overwriting. His character will be frustrated. Satya .. Vennela Kishore .. Sunil’s comedy is irrelevant. All other actors are useless.

Technical Aspects:

Thaman’s music is not impressive. Kalaala Kathaala .. The song is unique. That song is also good. Background music seems to be a routine. Venkat C Dilip photography is the same. He brought a rich look to the film. Production values ​​are rich in Mytri Movie Makers. The amount of money spent on the screen without any compromise will be visible on the screen. What should the say about director Vaitla? The manner in which Abhimanyu Singh FBI’s role designed is said that he has lost much of the form. But that’s something new, but it’s disgusting. There is no new workout. That is not the old style of comedy. Overall he was disappointed in two ways.

Final Words: Amar Akbar Anthony .. confused!