Aatagallu Movie Review – Aatagallu Telugu Movie Rating, Story

Aatagallu Movie Review

Aatagallu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE: Action Thriller
Movie Rating: – 1.5/5
Censor: “U/A”
Starring: Nara Rohit, Darshan, Jagapathi Babu, Etc
Release date: 24th August 2018
Director: Paruchuri Murali
Producers: Vasireddy Ravindranath, Vasireddy Shivaji Prasad, Makkena Ramu, Vadlapudi Jitendra
Cinematographer: Vijay C Kumar
Music: Sai Karthik
Banner: Friends Movie Creations

Aatagallu Telugu Movie Review 2018

Nara Rohit, who has done a series of films, choosing different stories without condidering hits or flops. He looks like a new person in every film he takes. As the latest movie have come with Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu, the expectations are very high. Crimes, this film is going to be around the court and this film will be entertaining as an action thriller. Jagapathi Babu is doing the first time lawyer role in this film. Let’s see how the today released movie.

Aatagallu Movie Story:

Siddhartha (Nara Rohit) is the creative and top director of Tollywood. He Loved and Married the middle class girl Anjali (Darshana Banik) sincerely. Anjali is killed after three years of their happy married life. The police have arrested him and will appear in court.

The Great Criminal Lawyer Virendra (Jagapathi Babu) has enters to argue the Anjali murder case. The Arguments in the case and evidences shows that Anjali is murdered by Siddhartha. But Virendra, who believes that Anjali was not killed by a Siddhartha, he helped to him release from the case. After that, Virendra does not expect untold facts about Siddhartha. That will start the game between the two. Has Anjali been murdered by Siddharth? Or not? What did you do? How can Virendra solve this case? Will the killer be punished for killing Anjali at the end? Or not? is the remaining story of the film.

Plus Points:

Nara Rohit as a creative director of the film is always seen in a different role. He is a busy hero with a series of films and is to say that he is a confession of adventure. The acting came in the role of creative director Siddhartha. Contrasting the role of different shades in his role.

Jagapathi Babu who plays the role of a faithful and powerful lawyer is impressed with his performance. He has played a serious character who will go any extent for justice and he Plays Mind game as a criminal lawyer was attraction to the film.

Actor Bani has acted very well as Anjali, who is madly in love as a middle class girl. Her masculinity in the emotional scene, primarily her murder, is her performance impressive. The rest of the cast have done well in the range of their role.

Minus Points:

Director Paruchuri Murali had a good story theme but with Slow Narration, Conweens but with the Treatment, the film was not interesting. Especially the story narrative does not exist. The scenes that do not need the film are overflowing.

With a good emotional scene, the movie started with a point of interest. After that the film will be very boring. Though the audience has an interesting scope for the movie, the director left the point and filled with unnecessary comedy tracks with nonsense Scenes.

The movie seems to have a con flute. But somewhere it does not elevate properly. In addition to creating weak roles in the storyless story and how it will be done, the director does not understand how it looks. Anyway, the interview was not made on the film.

Technical Department:

If you are talking about technical experts, director Paruchuri Murali got a good story idea and did not use it completely. The screenplay written by him is frustrating.

Music composer Sai Karthik’s music songs are superb. The background score is in the bottom of some key scenes. Editing by senior editor Marthand K Venkatesh does not suit him.

Producers Vasireddy Ravindra, Vasireddy Shivaji, Makkena Ramu, Vadlapudi Jithendra are the architectural values ​​of the film.

Final Words:

Nara Rohit, who is attracting audiences with different roles, has been disappointed at this time even though he has come to the audience with such a role. The script of the director’s writing is not interesting, but with the stretching scenes the canvins but bore with the treatment. Moreover, the comedy entertainment that casts Brahmanandam in the cinema will hit the vintage odors. Overall, the ‘players’ movie enthusiasts are expecting audiences to see the film in a different zone as well as the viewers.